Ways To Make Playtime Less Messy

Playtime Less Messy

So, you’re a busy mom or dad and you love giving your kids playtime, but it’s getting messier and messier. We all know it’s no fun to waste you evening cleaning up a mess, so how do we make sure we can still have fun and have clean carpets too?

Well here’s a couple tips and tricks to make playtime a cleaner adventure:

1. Be Prepared

Nothing ruins a good day more than having to mop up paint off the kitchen tiles, so come prepared with proper coverings. Use plastic table clothes on the ground so your kid can play mess-free.

2. Get The Right Toys

Not all playtime is created equal. Look for toys or activities that are less messy, like building blocks or a doll house over painting or baking.

3. Get Backup


Permanent marker is the enemy to a new paint job, no matter how cute the artist. So invest in heavy duty stain removers or opt to rid your house of permanent markers completely.

4. Take It Outside

Though we’d like to say avoid messy play entirely, we all know that sometimes your kid’s just need to dive into the sticky stuff. This is what backyards and local parks were make for, so pack up your equipment and take the fun outdoors.

5. Keep Old Clothes

Kids grow fast and chances are you’re donating their clothes every couple years to replace for newer, nicer things. But old clothes could be valuable when you don’t want to be bleaching every t-shirt after playtime. Treat your kid’s old things as perfect playtime wear for now on!

6. Jump On The Sensory Bin


This one is great for toddlers who are just learning about the environment around them. Sensory bins are a bin or box where your child can play around with messy things without getting it all over the house. Plus, they’re super fun to put together!

What’s your trick to keeping playtime clean? Let us know in the comments!

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