7 Wardrobe Essentials For Your Toddler

So I'm sure you have a part of your own closet that's exclusive to all your essential pieces, from a little black dress to the perfect red tie. But what about your toddler? What's the equivalent of a great pair of jeans for a 9 month old?

Here are some of the most essential pieces of clothing to add to your toddler's dresser today.

1. Hoodie

Just like adults, layering is an essential for toddler clothing wardrobes too. A couple of good hoodies and sweaters are just what you need to take a summer wardrobe to a fall one in a flash.

2. Polo

Nothing says casual but still dressy like a couple of good polos. They're great for daycare or grandma's birthday party and aren't too difficult to wash too. If you're particularly worried about mess, go for dark or neutral colors to hide any stubborn stains.

3. Rain Jacket

You don't want to be caught in spring showers or an unexpected winter rain storm without a good rain jacket tucked away in the closet. Although you don't want to choose anything too flashy to avoid clashing with other clothing, look for a bright colored jacket so you can spot your child even in the gloomiest of days.

4. Hat

Toddler Hats

Hats can be an impulse buy at times, when you see that cute boiler hat that would just look adorable on your toddler. But since hats are an essential for any season, invest a bit of time and money into finding the right one. Get a ball cap for spring, a beach hat for summer, and a beanies for fall and winter.

5. Nice Dress Or Dress Shirt

Everyone needs a nice outfit for family or holiday parties, especially this time of year. What's essential is making sure you buy the right dress or shirt for your toddler. Look for materials that are comfortable – wool is a bad idea for picky toddlers – like cotton and that are easy to wash. If you're really worried about stains, just like the polo, go for darker colours instead of white or beige for any surprise playtimes.

6. Joggers Or Leggings

For the stylish and functional, these two are a must. Joggers for boys are a stylish pant that can be paired with anything from a flannel shirt to a white button up. Leggings for girls can warm up a dress in the cold or just be a comfortable replacement for pants that are (bonus!) an ease to clean compared to jeans or khaki.

7. Warm Socks

Even adults forget to keep these in our sock drawer, but a thick pair or wool socks is definitely an essential. You probably have plenty of knee high or short socks, but don't forget to add this winter essential too. Look for wool socks that are super warm but have a soft lining so it doesn't irritate their soft skin.

What's your most essential toddler clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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