5 Tips For Shopping For Kids On A Budget

If you're officially an expert now on all things baby clothes and shopping for kids in general, then you know the huge price tag that just seems to be getting bigger and bigger as your child ages. As your child grows older and grows out of old clothes, bedding, and even toys you'll want to start thinking about how you can make the most out of your purchases without saying goodbye to your entire paycheck.

Here are just a couple ways to keep shopping for your kids well within your budget.

1. Find Your Size And Move Online

Sometimes it's nice to go into a store and be able to try on clothes, but once you know the size of your child – except perhaps babies who grow too fast – you can save a considerable amount of change by moving online. Most big brand stores have online stores with special savings and beyond that there are many boutique online stores that offer lower prices and a variety of options you couldn't find elsewhere.

2. Think Basics When Shopping For Kids

Just like every woman knows to spend a bit more on a little black dress and a pair of good jeans, the same logic should be applied to shopping for your kids. So when looking for basics – like a special occasion dress or a nice pair of dress shoes – spend a bit of extra money. When it comes to items that you'll go through like crazy – like baby onesies or wash clothes – go for cheaper brands because it won't matter if they wear out since you'll go through them anyways.

3. Don't Bring The Kiddies

Shopping Without Kids

Just like you shouldn't go to the grocery store hungry, you shouldn't be shopping for your kids with your eager children all around you. Especially when in a toy store, it's easy to give in to the pleas of your kids asking for the newest toy or the cute outfit they don't really need. Talk to your kids before hand and make up a list of items they need – even refer to the internet for ideas – so you're still buying things they like without giving in to pressures to buy in the moment.

4. Go DIY

Sometimes the best toys are the ones you can make with a couple ingredients you already own. To save money at the toy store on jungle gyms and play sets, instead invest in DIY playtime activities like sensory bins or craft tables. Setting up a sensory bin is easy and cheap! All you need is a large bin, sand or clay, and plastic buckets to play with.

5. Embrace Thrift Stores And Hand-Me-Downs

Even if you don't feel comfortable buying used clothes for your child, thrifting and borrowing baby care items like strollers, changing tables, and toys could be your way to saving a significant amount of money. Baby showers are a great way to get brand new items, but don't forget to also ask your friends and family for any hand-me-downs they might have is always a good idea. Thrift stores generally carry donating toys and hundreds of clothing items to choose from, some even never worn or opened.

What are your tricks for keeping within budget when shopping for the kids? Let us know in the comments!

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